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Crowd Funding Black Restoration

“As Black spending becomes more group-centered ¬†… The need will arise for more Black restaurants, real estate agents, contractors … As our sisters transition from weaves and perms a need arises for more natural hair care products and services. As our parents become more enlightened about the miss education of their children … a need… Read more » Discovers Next Great Harry Potteresque Epic Novel, with an African Worldview*, with its database of over 50,000 Black people, took an interest in the project and invited Duma to post the project on the site. The intial proposal asked for $25,000 that would allow the author to finish writing and to print a small run of special edition books.

The proposal received over 10,000 pledges of support, ranging from $1.00 to $35.00, and raised $73,000, far exceeding the original goal.

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