Monthly Archives: June 2014

A Black Crowdfunding Site? Is that really necessary?

With the billions raised through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, is there really a need for a crowdfunding portal to specialize in ‘Black’ projects?   Some time ago, I received this question from a well-meaning and committed Sista. It gave me the chance to talk about why We Need To Be Our Own Angels. “Crowd funding websites… Read more »

Strategic Entrepreneuralism: We Are Our Own “Angels”

“Projects that trumpet and celebrate “The Triumph of Our Resistance” and the unknown s/heroes that carry our water every day, will not be funded by Hollywood Money Men, period.” Black crowd funding and strategic entrepreneuralism is our opportunity.

Ending Black Dependency: Images and Stories

In the end, Images and Stories are vital information that once in the consciousness of the Black body politic, will begin to reflect in the things we talk about, the agenda’s we set and goals we pursue. is where we are gathering to Fund The Images and Stories We Want To See!