African Americans and Crowdfunding: What’s Hot


African Americans and Crowdfunding:

What’s Hot and What’s Not

Featuring a panel of African Americans with knowledge and experience utilizing this new entrepreneurial funding mechanism.

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Co-hosted by

Marlin Adams


 Roger Madison, publisher,
Andrea Lewis, creator of web series, “Black Actress”
Alex McConduit, promoter, “”
DeShuna Spencer, publisher,

Andrea Lewis Talks with

Andrea Lewis 2

Andrea Lewis

“Black Actress”

Talks Crowdfunding for


Andrea Lewis grew up in the belly of the Hollywood beast, as “Hazel” for six seasons on the popular teen television show, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. As she continues her Hollywood career, she has also found the entrepreneur within and is now a triple threat content creator with her successful webseries,Black Actress“,  which is a funny, insightful look into the days in the life of a Black actress going through her “find employment” paces. What makes the show unique is it’s “Larry Sandersesque” use of active Black actresses in cameo appearances, which gives this mediation on the entertainment business weight and authenticity.

Andrea graciously agreed to talk with us {click here} about how she crowd funded her “Black Actress” web series, and to endorse the idea of Creating The World We Want To See, through crowd funding and


Real Estate and Crowdfunding

SV CrowdFund News.

By John Shaw @svcrowdfundnews

SAN FRANCISCO- Intersection of Real Estate and Technology has emerged as a leading space for startups and established companies alike and a new wave of Real Estate Technology (or RealTech for short) companies are beginning to disrupt the real estate market at a rapid pace.  These companies are infiltrating every corner of the real estate industry, from simplifying the transaction management process and making it completely paperless to crowdfunding real estate investment deals.

It isn’t surprising that these companies (ranging from established behemoths to early stage startups) are so keen on disrupting Real Estate.  For one thing, it is a huge and existing market.  As of 2012, the U.S. commercial real estate market had a market cap of $11 Trillion and more than $350 Billion worth of real estate traded hands.  And real estate has been slow to adapt to technology.  Little has changed in the way real estate is bought, listed, viewed, purchased, sold and managed in the last 10 years.  However, with the recent IPO’s for Zillow and Trulia and Loopnet’s $860 Million exit to CoStar Group,  Founders see a real opportunity to add value to this sector and become rich along the way.