Type of Projects We Intend to Support

The projects we encourage will monetize our goods, services and ideas, build infrastructure that can finance, design, produce, distribute, market and retail.

We see particular promise in the business of images and stories because of the low barriers to entry and the high economic and social impact potential.

We also expect the site to attract projects from the GRAIN industries that
are at the leading edge of discovery (Genomics, Robotics, Artifical
Intelligence, and Nano processes).

What type of Funding Portal will CG.com be?

We see the most potential in an equity based model of Crowdfunding, which will allow our crowd to participate in the growth of an idea or service or product into a fully fledged company. Security and Exchange rules regarding the details of Crowdfunding and equity have finally been issued. Please see the Blog for more information about the significance of these new equity rules.

Monetizing the CG Community

We will also find ways to monetize the actual network itself through crowd sourcing of services and ideas from within the CG community.

The community developed here at CG.com is the key to our ability to ascribe value to our goods, services and ideas. We find more value in financing a book, film or software project that develops a distribution and sales infrastructure from which the CG community can also benefit.