Crowdfunding: Now you can be an Owner not  just a Donor

We are Black (1)
This is just what we at have been waiting for, and the moment has arrived!
            Every dollar you give to a good idea, project or business, turns you into an Owner, a Shareholder, a Beneficiary!
            The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued it’s Final Rules adopting Regulation Crowdfunding, to implement the requirements of Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, Section 4(a)(6) creates a securities-based crowdfunding market. What that means is that instead of getting a t-shirt proclaiming your status as a “donor”, you can now get an ownership share in the company — equity — and share financially in its potential success. This is big for Us!
            When the script is written about this particular time in history, the fact that the first Black president of the United States was the one to usher in this revolutionary piece of legislation won’t seem at all coincidental. It will, in fact, be looked at as a master stroke of strategic and tactical planning and execution in the never-ending competition  for civic efficacy amongst social groups. Obama will look like a genius in 50 years … but only if we seize this moment, this opportunity, to turn our collective pennies into investment dollars to Fund The World We Want To See!

 In a very real way, we have

Obama’s legacy in our hands!

            And this applies across the board to all competing groups: Blacks, Whites, Latino, Asians, and particularly, the 99%. Equity Crowdfunding allows the rest of us to by-pass the Banksters of Wall Street and their “too much is not enough” schemes on public money and dignity, and reinforcing the skewed dispensation of financial assets and social benefits.
            This is the biggest incentive yet to become part of the community. Equity Crowdfunding is the answer to the question people ask themselves with every dollar they spend, “what’s in it for me?” Equity crowdfunding is the umbilical cord that connects Our Body Politic to Our Best and Brightest Thinkers, Tinkerers and Entrepreneurs. We are the “Angles” they need to get on the road to success that leads back to us. We are the people they can now, realistically, turn to first for the financing they need to compete in the world of opportunity.
            This is the time for you to take serious the challenge that has posed to our community:  broaden and strengthen our infrastructure of self-sufficiency by registering 50,000 people who are proclaiming that We Are Ready, Willing and Able to Fund the World We Want To See. This is an opportunity for to lead with our vision of Strategic Entrepreneurialism rooted in the economy of our existence, and dominate the industries where we have a competitive advantage.
            Right now, is still just a proposition! a marketing site for the idea of a crowd funding portal focused on Black competitiveness worldwide. We will not become an actual funding portal until we reach 50k email registrations. This is not your typical “top down” economic scheme, this is a genuine grassroots effort to coalesce with other people that have a self-centered, historical view of the world and believe that innovation and creativity is the engine that drives human advancement. Once we have our 50k registrations, we will build the equity crowdfunding portal and our success will be the public relations and advertising that allows us to reach the larger community of creators and innovators with the message, “We are investors, we have your back.”
            Everyone of you reading this has a role to play. Take the “I am Part of the Solution Pledge”: “I will register 4 of my friends, family and business associates at come hell or high water in 2016.”
            In a very real way, we have Obama’s legacy in our hands!