Opportunity Knocks, Loudly!



The glass is all the way full!

Good things come to those that wait, but not to those that wait to late!

We have got to go for what we know!

What we know is that crowd funding works.
               We know that the crowd is enthusiastic about innovation and the opportunity to be directly involved in the creation and success of the best goods, services and ideas from the best Thinkers, Tinkerers and Entrepreneurs!
               We also know that small groups of like-minded people with vision and commitment can accomplish big and useful things when they seek out opportunity.
               We know that Obama passed the Jump start Our Jobs Act, which created equity crowdfunding for regular people making regular money. And that means you can now be an owner not just a donor (“Donor to Owner”).
               We know that our progress is in our hands, reinforced by the election of the next American president. The ability to finance and support those that make our needs and ambitions part of their goals is how we can be our own advocates (“We Are Our Own Angels”) and not rely on rich people like George Soros to make Black lives matter. It’s how we can be Black and Sexy without being made to feel insecure because it’s other peoples money and infrastructure telling our stories and promoting our images.
               So now is the time and opportunity for CulturalGrassroots.com to assert the possibilities inherent in an Internet based funding mechanism focused on our needs and ambitions.
                The fix is in our hands we cannot wait.We have to go for what we know!