Strategic Entrepreneuralism: We Are Our Own “Angels”

“Projects that trumpet and celebrate “The Triumph of Our Resistance” and the unknown s/heroes that carry our water every day, will not be funded by Hollywood Money Men, period.”

Human Statute of Africa

One of the reasons I cherish the experience I’ve had traveling to a number of different continents, and, as a regular dude, interacting with the regular people on the ground in places like Zimbabwe, South African, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Trinidad/Tobago, Grenada, Spain (where the Moors built the fantastical Alhambra), Paris, “iroc iran” (hello Stevie), and a number of Caribbean places. All of that to say, “rising up” is good sloganeering, but when you go to a Black country you realize much of what they are advocating for is a functional civic life for a majority of people. Job creation in Africa is basically non-existent; White (Lebanese, Chinese, Jewish, etc) folks, in one guise or another, run the most viable and profitable businesses in Africa. The point is, we here in America, have the luxury of thinking and acting on a Strategic level. That’s what CULTURALGRASSROOTS.COM is, a Strategic financial/social proposition that is really just the beginning. Just like Silicon Valley, and Hollywood, there are MONEY PEOPLE behind every transactions that goes on. makes Us the “Angels”.

And those money people, “Angels”, talk about funding the best ideas by the best people, and for the most part, they are consistently looking for the “best”. However, there are a lot of projects in the “best and brightest category” that get discounted by White and White-like money people: Black entrepreneurs with Black projects. Good example: Movies and Television programs. Hollywood and their followers (including all Blacks in Hollywood, and Blacks making their money from major Advertisers), have three genres of movies they make and support: A) Ghetto Malaise (“your life sucks and your people aint shit”) ; B) Coon Comedies (Black man in drag, bugg eyes or involving prison; C) Up From Slavery Panegyrics (“boss we’sa so glad you don taken yo’ foot out of our ass, we could just kiss yours”).

But what about the films from the filmmakers that think more about Our Redemption, that want to show three dimensional images and stories from the Black Diaspora that reflect the real ins and outs of navigating through an oppressive superstructure and how that consciousness impacts our lives both lived and imagined (I know of a groundbreaking science fiction broadcast series that will enthrall and captivate Black imaginations for years to come).

Projects that trumpet and celebrate “The Triumph of Our Resistance” and the unknown s/heroes that carry our water every day, will not be funded by Hollywood Money Men, period. Films like these get made by people that dedicate their lives and careers to getting that one film done. Think about Julie Dash’s “Daughters of the Dust”, Raoul Peck’s “Man By The Shore”, “Lumumba” and his latest, “Fatal Assistance” about the waist, mismanagement and theft of Haiti’s sovereignty¬† all under the guise of “helping”. And what about a documentary series that tells the real story of Our “Black Summer”, the events leading up to and the people involved in the period of time that Black folks were in the streets. We have yet to see a comprehensive take on the impact of the FBI’s counter intelligence program (COINTELPRO), using every dirty trick in the book, that eventually made “Black Power/Consciousness” a taboo phrase.

** is the only source of cash that is actually looking for these types of stories, and will have the infrastructure in place to market and distribute the finish product.

That is Black Power! not spoken, but felt and understood.